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This year, our family decided that an experiential Christmas was in order as both girls are at university one of them in British Columbia. Our thoughts were that who needs more useless material crap in your life? i just watched “minimalist” on netflicks Well maybe just my thoughts. Ba Humbug…We mapped our activities for the roughly two weeks, with the girls. We all decided to support local activities in the Blue Mountains, Ontario area.

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Our first stop was Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery where we went for a self guided snow shoe through out the vineyard. A couple of days before the area had a massive snow storm with accumulation in the range of 40 cm. Perfect for a hike and a work out, we broke the trail that I assume numerous people have used since. I  have been to the vineyard on many occasions from Chestnut Park office meetings to celebrations and of course for pick ups and drop offs for the Cheese Gallery and Coffin Ridge. Both businesses have a unique relationship partnering, to drive traffic to their individual doors. A number of area businesses cannot see the big picture and would rather play non compete games with suppliers I.E. “you cannot sell in that shop, that is 20 minutes down the road, as that could affect my business” Small minded shit I say! When one opens their doors to ideas and moving traffic to other areas its a win for your business as well as the area. Check out an innovative local travel initiative The Apple Pie Trail  but I digress.

The hike was a little over 45 minutes on this windy, clear beautiful afternoon. For most of the hike there are huge views of Georgian Bay and the lovely snow covered vineyard. Upon our return we sat down to a cheese board and some sampling of their new cider and wines. A must experience for the whole family




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