The Beaver River Thornbury Ontario

You have purchased a property around Blue Mountain or Thornbury and spent  the holidays enjoying some Christmas cheer and festivities with family and friends. Now what to do with the live tree you purchased from the Lions club, you know the guys who utilize the Blue Mountains Chamber office on Arthur street (highway 26) across from food land. Well if you are reading this blog you are close to missing the pick up according to the Town of  Blue Mountains website.

Christmas Trees – collection runs the first full week in January after New Years Day – ONLY.  On your regular day of collection. So what to do?

christmas in Thornbury Ontario

Well most common Christmas trees are Fir (smaller needle) they hold their shape and are easy to grow. All live trees are biodegradable over time. That said it would take many years to degrade in a regular compost. In the town of Blue Mountains case they grind the trees, the end product is ideal garden mulch for shrubs, trees and perennial beds. Other options?

In my garden I stand the tree up, I usually think ahead and pound a stake in the ground and lean the tree up closer to one of the bird feeders. This allows for habitat and protection from cats also winter interest, ultimately making your garden look more full in the winter months. Old Christmas trees stacked together in a forest provide shelter for rabbits and other small animals.

You can also sink the tree into fish ponds, Christmas trees make excellent refuge and feeding areas. They also can be utilized for bank restoration in slow moving rivers where the banks have fallen in widening and and the river has become shallow. Not ideal for trout that are local to the area such as Kolpore and Three stage area.

Fir tree foliage can be stripped from the branches and snipped into small pieces for stuffing into aromatic fir needle pillows for the sofa or bedroom. Some people also use fir foliage in dresser drawers to give clothing and blankets a fragrant aroma.

Love to hear your ideas, drop me a line Thanks


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