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We in the Blue Mountains have a number of sources for drinking water. All of Thornbury has municipal water, some of Clarksburg and all of the new subdivisions like Lora Bay, Georgian Bay golf club and the roads that connect  these serviced areas. Most of the country side have to survive off of a well which is far less expensive than being on town services but there are negative issues as well.  Number one pollutants accessing your water system. Two how hard is the water? we have extremely hard water at times when not treated by our iron remover and water softener the water looks brown and smells like rotten eggs. Its safe to drink it just looks like —-.

One of the keys for your health is to assure that you take care of your well and assure to test the water on a regular basis. Have a look at the documents below and give me a call if there is a concern Thanks


Taking care of your drinking water

Sampling your drinking water

Sampling your drinking water


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