Due to the weather we are having other issues that may not be on the top of fellow citizens minds. We have had no rain in I dont know how long but things are dry. One of my buddies in the Beaver Valley had his well run dry and had to have one of the local water hauling companies fill his well to get things primed. I think he may consider a cistern (an interior or exterior water storage tank) in the near future to allow for future water concerns.


Whats even a bigger concern is outside fires….burning brush waste etc is against the wishes of fire marshal . You may want to consider that when your home is on a well and you call for the fire department to put out a fire at your home there are no fire hydrants! (Well ya you are on a well!) the fire department needs to haul the water to your location. Which is a huge issue.

With the dry hot weather save the burn until we have had a good rain or when the town of The Blue Mountains has lifted the ban.

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