I was out with buyers the other evening and ran into Kitec plumbing for my first time. We were actually in a small crawl space where I could not stand so I grabbed a seat. I leaned back and saw the plastic pipe and pulled out my phone to take a photo of the plastic plumbing. Bam! Kitec plumbing is a hard plastic type of pipe and joint that is vulnerable to premature failure, which may damage a home and result in costly repairs.

Kitec photo

Kitec plumbing was used by some builders and plumbers in homes built between 1995 and 2007. The Kitec system was sold under a number of different brand names (IPEX is the mother company) and is made in a variety of colours, and it consists of pipes and fittings. In 2005, it was recalled because the pipes and fittings were found to have a tendency to corrode quickly and can fail entirely, which can lead to flooding

A class action lawsuit was initiated in 2011 against IPEX Inc., the manufacturer of Kitec. Funds are set aside to enable for claimants to possibly recoup some money to help cover the cost of repairs and remediation of Kitec plumbing if needed.

The home that we saw, the seller owned the issue and will have it removed before closing. I think I may have missed my calling as a home inspector…..just joking I would always suggest hiring a professional home inspector as they have a process that allows them to discover the total building envelopes deficiencies.

Here is an interesting way to assure if your plumbing does leak, you can control your losses.!services2/c11dq



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