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So you are interviewing a number of REALTORS® to sell your home in the Blue Mountains area. You talk about price, market share, website, social media and marketing plan. It’s interesting; in every interview I have never been asked about photography. I bring it up in my presentation every time. I firmly believe in the adage that you cannot be a jack of all trades.

Can you tell me which are done with an Iphone/point click camera?

25 country cres 278181_11_Line_Meaford_ON_N4L-large-060-45-photo61-1500x998-72dpi[1]25 country cres 1The woods Dining area

Answer: The far left and the third one, were mine off my phone, the client did not want photos taken…..yes a know it all. Most phones sit in pockets, subsequently the lens is always dirty thus the out of focus dirty photo. Click on the photos or hover over them you really can see the difference.

Photographers do this everyday, it’s their job. They have the right equipment.

-$6000.00 for the camera

-Lighting $1500-2000

-Drone $2000 plus plus aviation license

– The largest part of this is the education and how a photo will show up in a brochure or in a web site, this takes years to master.


Just to let you know these are all taken from an internet site that shows poorly photographed homes. If I posted photos I have seen on the Canadian real estate site I would be sued for disparaging a fellow agent. Yes really, using a fish eye in the right photo…I assume the thought was to make the room larger? In the other examples, it takes a pro,  in some washrooms with so many mirrors to not take a photo of yourself or something offensive.

The most important thing I believe is the analytics that a photographer can provide from their site that is captured from, or my website . It shows the number of views, where the views are originating, whether they are mobile or from a home computer even which browser.The information the site gathers can  change the focus of your marketing campaign. As you can see from the lower snip I share all my homes that I have for sale, I am not looking for the double end but that’s another blog post. I want to bring in all buyers so my client the seller gets the most exposure and the best and highest price. I also assure we have 30 high resolution photos with a virtual tour. Why? because I don’t want my vendors time wasted. With crappy photos it forces a buyer to view the home in person. The one photo approach assures the vendor gets lots of useless showings which sometimes is an option but it not for every home. I do believe we only need one showing to get the right buyer.



14 Campbell Street Collingwood-large-022-22-photo22-1500x998-72dpi

My final argument is this photo,  of a hoarders lower level apartment in Collingwood  home I had listed. The tenant had storage, building materials etc.  My photographer said no issue, we cleaned the space and took the shot it was hilarious how he created this beautiful kitchen and yes the home sold and quickly. I don’t think you could do it with a point and click or phone.

If you are considering selling your home in Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Thornbury or Clarksburg let me know I would love to present my marketing ideas and the expertise to get your home sold at your price. By the way we need the homes. Brendan 705 606 1270