fire pit cottage

Who is joking who? there are lots of buyers looking for homes, chalets and property so they to can create the lifestyle  here in Thornbury….Every year it is the same, there are very few homes for sale in the winter but come spring there is an over abundance. Well folks this year we have the buyers looking in the Blue Mountains, Thornbury Collingwood and Creemore areas. Coupled with low interest rates, a relatively stable market and buyers needing a safe place to park their equity. Reports from the real estate world are estimating there will be a $100k growth in some cities in 2017. I look at that statement as an opportunity! I have sold a number of homes to buyers who could not purchase in the city and chose to purchase here and rent where they work. It makes sense they are still building equity in a property and enjoying the lifestyle. Will it parallel the cities growth? no but in time they could create enough equity to buy into something that they had no chance on ever achieving. Values of homes in some cities have gone up well over the salaries of buyers.

Don’t wait for the competition and onslaught of inventory this spring.

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