Full disclosure I live in the wonderful community of Clarksburg in the Blue Mountains, right on the Beaver river. So when a buddy shared this video on his Facebook page I had to share it. We are so fortunate to be part of a community where neighbours hang on their porches, where most homes are never locked because neighbours dont need a sign that they are watching it’s assumed. The community is on the edge of farm land with an abundance of apple orchards and vineyards.

Clarksburg has a wonderful artists community with a number of store fronts on Marsh street and quite a few hidden away like Micheal Pocock @ Iron Works studio

Matilda Swanson Gallery

Loft Gallery

Marsh Street Gallery


Interestingly we also have a real hardware store called Hindles. You can buy single bolts pay cash with a receipt that will cost you 19 cents. In the day you would receive the penny back. Service that the big box could only wish they could attain.

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