Have you ever wondered how communities go from good to great? Its through innovative thinking and assuring not everything the town does is attached to the almighty dollar. Collingwood has a number of positive initiatives to support business and this allows it to prosper beyond the area competition.

One of my good pals Julie Card, she runs that great local site My Collingwood….they do innovative things such as Double Dollar days driving traffic to local retailers. Well anyway she just posted this to social media.  An innovative move for Collingwood, the local by law officers have been given the ability to show discretion with regards to parking. The town gives a 20 minute grace on parking meters that have expired. I am a sure they also have the ability to deal with the abusers like a quick tow to the municipal car jail.



This is probably the best kind of parking ticket you can get! Thanks Town of Collingwood and Collingwood Downtown and also to our By-law enforcement officers


Collingwood photo of a ticket

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